Happy Purchaser - Unit 54, 215 Aspinall Street, Watson


Dear Nicola

I said to myself that when the house was let I would breathe a big sigh of relief and feel I could relax after taking the somewhat risky step of buying a home "off the top of my head" so to speak.  You have achieved the miracle for us and I do believe have gone beyond the call of duty to do it.  I just want to say a big thank you to you - I know a lot of after hours work has gone into this result and you have put in a lot extra effort for us.  I do very much appreciate all the work you have done on our behalf so again thank you.  It is so good of you also to keep us informed all the time even late at night.  Lovely for us and very good of you.

We are recommending you to all we know so I hope you get more from us as time goes on.  We look forward to our further dealings with you and have the feeling that we will be able to feel confident that you will do your best for us. Thanks again, Nicola.

Best wishes, Helen and Graham