Happy Vendor - 81 Turallo Terrace, Bungendore

Please accept yourself and convey to John and all the crew at Bradys Countrywide my sincere thanks for the successful sale of our property in Bungendore.
I really appreciated the effort and support you gave me over this period and went out of your way to assist with the issues that arose during the time the property was on the market.
I felt you kept me well informed throughout the process and made the transition as easy as possible.
This procedure was in addition to the eight trouble free years that you managed the house as a rental property prior to its sale for which I also wish to thank the team.
I don't remember any one situation over that period that caused us any stress or grief, even though it had a number of tenants during that time.
I would be happy to recommend Bradys Countrywide services to anyone wishing to require the management or sale of a property.
Thank you for your efforts
Andy & Dawn Burbidge