Happy Purchaser - 3950 Kings Highway, Bungendore

The whole team at Bradys Real Estate were a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. 
We found John to be very knowledgeable with rural properties and was always able to provide accurate answers to questions for their listed properties that we were viewing. He always allowed us to take the time to thoroughly look at the properties in question and we never felt rushed at an opening.
Ebony was also a pleasure to deal with, she promptly responded to our enquiries in a comprehensive manner every time.
What we liked the most about this team is that if they didn't have an answer they wouldn't bluff their way through, they always sought clarification and came back to us with the correct info (which often confirmed our own research on the subject).
I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell through Bradys real estate in the future! All the best and thanks for your tireless efforts!
Christie and Adam Attwood