Happy Vendor - 1599 Hoskinstown Road, Hoskinstown

In April 2020 our family concluded a excellent relationship with Brady’s Real Estate, during which Nicola and her team managed our much-loved family home in the country before handing it over to John to sell on our behalf.

After seven years—and four different tenants—the property went on the market still in its original impeccable condition, and with improved gardens and surrounds. A landlord can hardly ask for more. The results speak for themselves; responsible tenants carefully chosen with the needs of the property in mind. The rental statements arrived like clockwork at the end of each month, error free. From our point of view, the process was at all times effortless.

When it came time to sell, Nicola and John joined forces to work with us to establish the market value and begin the process. What none of us knew at the start, was that we would be launching the sale directly into the face of a sequence of extreme and uncontrollable events, any one of which—on its own—could have fatally prejudiced the outcome: a huge bushfire only 3 kilometers away; the world’s worst air quality; drought and endless record-breaking summer temperatures; flooding rains; and, finally, nothing less than the worst global health pandemic in a century. Yet throughout the marketing phase John remained cool, patient and positive. And, ultimately, he was a safe pair of hands when brokering the final deal with the eventual buyers. Again, despite the massive obstacles, the process was, for us at least, effortless. Most importantly, we achieved a sale price at the upper end of our expectations; once again, the result speaks for itself.

Brady’s Real Estate is a boutique family business which we can highly recommend. If you care about how your property is treated whilst rented, if you value consistent, accurate and timely financial administration, and if you want a professional sale that maximizes your financial return, Nicola, John, Ebony and their team deliver.
- Alex Jefremov